Thursday, April 14, 2011

Workout Update

It has been quite awhile since I updated you all on my progress and thought it was due time.  Since getting sick mid-January, my motivation has been weak to say the least.  I tried to do a third round of Insanity again, but got tired of it.  Then I decided to do the hybrid version of P90X and Insanity, but hurt my back on some of the P90X floor exercises.  From that, I played around with the Biggest Loser workouts and now am back to good 'ol Billy Blanks and Tae Bo.  Yep, I admit, I get bored quickly with workouts and need something to keep me going.  I am in that phase again where I am trying to find the next fun workout to keep me going.

With all of the jumble of workouts, I did actually loose weight and inches since January.  It hasn't been much, but I am impressed with the inches lost than I am the pounds.  Since January, I have lost another 7 lbs and 6.75 inches!  So overall since last year, I have lost a total of 23.4 lbs and 22.25 inches!  Plus, I have gone down 2 sizes in pants and am finally fitting back into my medium sized t-shirts which means I can stop wearing my husbands large size t-shirts!  It is the little things that I take into account and call it a victory.  Yes, I know I still have a long way to go with 30 pounds yet to loose, but every small step counts in my book.  I am too chicken to post before and after pictures just yet as I am not where I want to be.  So hopefully this time next year I will have one of those cool YouTube videos everyone makes with before and after pics to get my pre-baby body back!

Ok, onto the raw diet before dinner.  I have to admit, I have fallen off of that horse two weeks ago.  Yes, I did get more energy from eating fruits and veggies, but certainly missed a hot lunch.  The weather has been quite chilly here, but am hoping once it gets warmer out I will be back in the smoothie swing of things like I usually am in the summer months.  But, I did get a chance to make some amazing raw recipes and will be incorporating them in more and more into our vegan lifestyle.


  1. That's awesome...CONGRATULATIONS on your weight lose and loosing all those inches! I think you are doing great!
    I get bored with workouts easily also. My problem now is just getting motivated to work out.
    Don't feel bad about falling off the raw diet horse until supper time. I have also, and I don't have near the energy that I had while eating mostly raw. I plan on starting back tomorrow though. :o)

  2. Thanks Michelle. So glad to hear that I am not along in the falling off the raw wagon for a bit. I know the summer months will be much easier as I always crave the fresh fruits so much more. Congrats on starting back up on it!