Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Water Intake

Do you ever wonder if you are drinking enough water or what is actually the right amount to drink each day?  And what about the 8 x 8 rule  (drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day) that you hear every where these days?

I did a little searching online and found that the 8 x 8 rule is almost correct.  What you should do is take your weight and divide it by half and that number should be the minimal number of ounces you intake each day (i.e.  150 lbs / 2 = 75, 75 ounces of daily water intake).  It is a simple math equation to give you an idea of what you need.  Now there are other factors to add into this equation if you exercise or have health issues or if it is hot/humid outside.  The Mayo Clinic has a great article on this.

So do you actually drink the right amount of what is needed each day?  I know I fall short many times, but am trying hard to get my daily requirement in.  Water certainly does help me feel fuller so I don't overeat and you have to love that it is calorie free.  I know that once the summer weather comes, I drink a lot more.  Now go grab a glass of water and enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time to Change Your Sweetener?

Found this poster flow-chart on sweeteners and had to share with all of you.  Love the fact that the organization behind this poster's advice is to: "Eat less of the sweet stuff, but when you do, go natural and choose minimally processed sweeteners without all the chemicals and potential side effects." This is something I am striving towards each day.

It amazes me how much my taste buds have changed since becoming vegan and eating more natural. I realize I need less of added sweeteners and enjoy my food so much more. It is sad that others are missing out on this great experience with their food!

What is your favorite sweetener?  Mine is either pure maple syrup or agave.

How to Choose a Sweetener
[Source: Be Food Smart]

Thursday, May 5, 2011


When you Google the word "superfoods", there is a plethora of different views on what should be considered a superfood.  Superfoods generally are considered the superstars of nutritionally healing foods or supplements, amongst the "healthy foodie" groups.  Foods/supplements that may meet this criteria can be anything from blueberries, to spirulina, to bee pollen to maca.  This list can go on and on depending on who you ask or where you look.

Traditional people's knowledge of healthy superfoods was passed down from generation to generation. Most of the foods touted as health food today are backed by an industry that wants people to eat them. Wheat and soy are both traded in the stock market as commodities, and the dairy industry is heavily lobbied.

Personally, I believe many vegan foods to be the real superfoods.  Whole foods packed with organic nutrients are the foods I want supplying my body with the energy needed to get me through the day.  It can be mind boggling when you begin your search for these foods.  I mean, not many people know what maca is let alone how great it can be for boosting your energy and mood.

There was a fantastic article in the latest Oprah magazine where her editor and chief headed to Peru in the search of some superfoods.  It just amazed me on the length that people will travel to find food that may be mass produced for the good of our human existence.  It is very exciting to read about these foods and hope that many will become easily accessible than in a very expensive smoothie powder mix (i.e. Shakeology) sooner than later.

Do you have a superfood?  If so, what is your favorite superfood you would recommend to others?  Would love to hear your views on this subject!