Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bucket Container Garden

Wow, it has been awhile since I last posted.  Guess that is what happens when the weather is perfect to stay outside almost everyday with the boys.  Love summer regardless of the heat people complain about, I just love it!

Since we don't have a lot of space for a garden in our yard, we decided to do a bucket garden on our deck.  I read a lot about the Earthbox garden kits you can buy, but honestly,  I wasn't ready to pay $55 for one or more.  We just couldn't justify that amount of money for some produce.  So off I went online to search for alternatives and found a great website to make your own for hardly anything. 

After some searching, I came across this amazing website developed by two teenage boys hoping to help others grow produce anywhere with two buckets, some PVC pipe and a plastic cup.  Grant and Max Buster of Boulder, CO have a vision of turning the rooftops and abandoned industrial wastelands of developing countries into mini-farms filled with green growing vegetables. The goal of their website is to share with the world the simple steps required to build the 2-bucket system.  They created Global Buckets.

Really, this system is fool proof and actually works.  We made three global buckets following their instructions from their youtube video and have had great success!  Several of our friends that have seen our bucket gardens have since made their own and had fantastic success as well.  We plan to make a few more for next year.  But so far, we have two buckets of tomatoes and the other one with a mixture of green beans and lettuce.  Next year, the lettuce and beans will have their own bucket as this is a learning process for us.

Here are a few pictures of our tomatoes growing, we should be able to harvest close to 60 tomatoes.  We have had 3 batches of green beans so far and they just keep growing.  Our lettuce has slowed down, but that has to do with the fact that they are sharing the same space as the green beans and are not getting enough sun.  So exited to see and taste our bucket garden success for first time gardeners!

Filling the buckets back in May 2011

Growing like crazy in early July 2011

The tomatoes after pruning the plants late July 2011