Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raw Vegan til Dinner

I have been so inspired lately by everything I have been reading on the raw food blogs and watching YouTube videos on going raw that I have decided to try going raw.  I started just a few days ago where I am eating fresh produce until 5pm and than going back to being vegan for dinner.  If I really like the whole raw experience, this will help me easily transition to completely raw in the months to come.  

Plus, what I seem to be finding is that many vegan athletes are actually raw vegans when they are training and go back to being vegan off season.  I must say the past few days my energy has been through the roof which I didn't expect.  My house looks cleaner than it ever has and I am getting so much done.  I am contributing this energy towards the great fresh produce I am eating.  Also, I found that you need to watch how much nuts, seeds, oils, avocados, and other fatty foods as they can zap your energy.  So, I am filling up on plenty of fruit and veggies and only having a little of the those fatty foods.

There is an amazing website called We Like It Raw that has amazing before and after going raw pictures that will blow your mind.  The changes are amazing and so inspiring.  Also if you enjoy watching videos, there are two YouTube pages that are a must.  First check out Dan the Man from Life Regenerator and the three crazy brothers of Raw Brah's.

Has anyone else done this or am I just crazy to go this route?  Time will tell and I will keep you all posted on this little experiment!

Here is a great video I found on YouTube that I had to share.  It makes me appreciate the choice I have made going vegan.  Seeing this man who is a raw vegan try a two week experiment of the standard American diet scared me and makes my decision to go vegan even more powerful!


  1. I'm so glad to see that you are doing the raw thing until 5 and then vegan for dinner. I say this because that is the exact thing that I have been kicking around to do. I just haven't made that jump yet. How awesome that you are taking the plunge.
    I'll be sure to check out the website and youtube pages that you suggested.

  2. How great that you're giving raw a try! :)