Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exercise Shoes

Yep, I am going to talk about shoes here this week.  I have had the worst time finding a comfortable shoe to workout in that doesn't rub my toes together, cause friction, sweat that results in blisters, bleeding and sore feet.  This past summer, I found the perfect pair of shoes and fell in love with them since.  They are the Vibram FiverFingers KSO shoes.  The best part is they are made with vegan friendly material, so it is a win-win situation for us vegans!

Now, I am going to be honest, they are not cheap.  I believe I paid about $85 for my Vibrams, which is why I had to wait quite awhile to get them as I needed to save up.  But so glad I took the time to research and find that they were worth the wait.  Yes, my feet still sweat, but I now can come out of kickboxing class or a run without bleeding and blistered feet.  One thing I wish they would include is some sort of odor eaters for the shoes as they do stink after a few sweaty uses, but I just throw them in the wash and am good to go on my next workout.

These shoes certainly do get looks when I wear them.  They are the perfect conversation starters if you need help in that area!  But, I can't begin to tell you how comfortable they are.  They even make socks you can wear with them on colder days to keep your feet warmer.  Every time I put them on, I am still in shock on how comfortable they are!  

If you do decide to get a pair, make sure to get fitted at a local reputable retailer or buy directly from Vibram online.  As there are many fakes out there and the poor quality just makes the real ones look bad.  Plus, I found out each style sizes differently from the guys that sold me my shoes from Berkeley Running Company.
I must say it is nice going into a store and finding knowledgeable people that know their shoes and what will work for each person that walks in.  You don't find that, that often now-a-days anymore.

The weather is just starting to warm up again here in Wisconsin and I can't wait to get outside running in them as it has been a super snow and long winter here.


  1. i like five finger vibrams better ,i think that five finger vibrams makes the toe boxes on their feet nice and wide,and you will see your calves and bare feet in the process of your running which is the best way to train your muscles of feet and legs.
    Let's go to to have a pair to have a try. i trust that you will agree with me.

  2. My sister-n-law and her kids have some of these shoes and they love them! They swear by them and call them monkey feet....ha They are very cool looking!