Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plant Powered Workouts

Stemming off from last weeks post, I wanted to let you know about vegan athletic trainers.  The most popular vegan trainer in this time is Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser television show.  But there is another vegan trainer that is just as impressive if not more and his name is John Hinds.  He is the founder and owner of a local gym, Monkey Bar Gym.

The Monkey Bar Gym is a no machine, no mirror, old school gym that focuses on movements, not muscles.  I think the best part yet is that he posts a workout each day on his website for free.  Click here to check out the workouts.  So you can have your own personal vegan trainer in your own home helping you out along the way.

I love when you can find quality workouts online if you are needing a change or want to focus on certain areas.  Also like the fact that he is vegan!  The website is super impressive as is his blog.


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  1. I like Bob Harper. :o) I'll have to check out this video of Jon Hinds when I get home. He sounds impressive!