Friday, January 7, 2011

Chemicals In My Food

I will try and make this post short, but you know this topic could write quite a few books on the chemicals used in food.  Everything I am learning in the new vegan world has taken me for quite a ride and the food issue has been my biggest wide-eye opening experience.

Everyday, I strive to provide my family and myself whole foods that are not processed, let alone involve any chemicals.  I am just shocked on why companies find it OK to add these chemicals that they consider safe into the food they sell, which consumers in turn put into their bodies.  Yes, I know that many companies will stand up and say they are used to help stabilize the shelf life of their product, yada, yada, yada.  But do we really want to eat bread out of a plastic bag that will expire in 2 months or longer after we bought it.  How come the bread I make at home in my bread machine has only 7 natural ingredients in them and it goes bad within a week or so after made?  Why such a short shelf life, well because that is natural way!  And yes, I know many of you just don't have the time anymore to make your own bread let alone exercise, but if you make the time, you will notice the difference in your body and your body will thank you!

It just takes small simple steps that transpire into a huge windfall of healthy and natural lifestyle changes that you in return need to dedicate to your life for the better.  I started out small, by reading blogs, online articles, books to reading labels of food I had in my house and grocery cart.  It will amaze you the quick few minutes it can take to search an ingredient that you are not familiar with online to realize how horrible it can be to your body.  So, I ask you to take a few minutes each day or week and look at what is in your pantry and if it really is what you want to put into your body or if it should just go straight to the trash. 

I guarantee you will be amazed how much your taste buds change after eliminating processed foods/chemicals from your diet.  This was one thing that I could not fathom, but now when I even try a processed food product, it disgusts me on all levels as I wonder how on earth I ate them before.  You could just taste the chemicals in the food as you try and choke them down your throat.  Please take the first step if you haven't already to eliminate those processed foods from your life, your body and the earth will thank you!

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