Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blog World Here I Come!

I think the first post is always the hardest as I have so much to say, but realize I have plenty of time each day to post on vegan topics. About 5 months ago, I became vegan and decided to write about my journey as I go. I am an overweight vegan mom who wants to become healthy and fit again, but the vegan way. More importantly I want to prove you can eat vegan and still be healthy, lean and strong through exercise and eating right.

About 10 years ago, my husband and I decided to join a national chain weight loss center. We ate lots of chicken and may low calorie and point based processed foods. Yes, I looked fantastic and did my husband, but after 2 babies, I needed to start this process again. This time it is harder, but it is my choice to do this the healthy unprocessed way. Thank goodness my husband is behind me 100% and my boys are learning to eat wiser and healthier along the way.

Being vegan is easy, but at times hard. Especially when you hear people's comments and you want to speak up, but would rather not start a ruckus. I believe letting people see your results and have them speak for themselves and if they ask, let them know your healthy weight loss secret.

So with that, my blog journey begins with this newly vegan mom, one day yearning to be called a healthy and strong athlete powered by plants!

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