Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wisconsin Cheese Attack

This billboard cracks me up and so is all the attention that is has been getting in the last few days around here.  The Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a non-profit vegan organization, is putting this billboard up today in Wisconsin right near Lambeau Field where the Green Bay Packers play up in Green Bay, WI.  The organization is hoping to have warning labels put on all high-fat cheesy foods served at Lambeau Field.

"The dietary guidelines for Americans, which are produced by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), came out earlier this year, and one thing it says is, we need to consume less saturated fat, and the No. 1 source of saturated fat in American diet is cheese," PCRM representative Susan Levin was quoted as saying by WBAY-TV, Green Bay.

Well, me being vegan, I love this.  It is getting everyone attention and stirring the pot so to speak.  The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is also upset because well, they are the milk marketing board.  Oh and I shouldn't forget to mention that the hat maker of the infamous foam cheese hat is also upset for using their product on the grim reaper.

Honestly, anyone with a tie into the dairy industry is getting some free PR on a simple billboard trying to tell the truth in an outrageous, but spot on ad campaign.  Anyway you look at it, I would say PCRM has done what they were out to do and with great success on this campaign on a billboard that isn't even up yet!  Can I get a "woot, woot," for the vegans!

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  1. Woot...Woot! I love the idea of that billboard and its location. Way to go PCRM! :o)